About Jonathan

Hello there, my name is Jonathan Crocetti and I am a 2017 graduate from the Columbus College of art and design. I graduated from there with my BFA in Cinematic Arts. Along with CINEMATOGRAPHY I am a visual artist, traditional SCULPTOR, photographer and in my spare time I customize action figures as commissions or personal projects. 


I would love to see myself in the film industry making and creating creatures, designing characters, working in makeup, PROSTHETICS and practical effects. My dream has always been to work at a company that makes movie monsters. 


COntact Me:


Main: Jonpaulcro@hotmail.com

Secondary: JCrocetti.1@go.ccad.edu


Work: 859-519-0484

Current place of work


“Great People succed only through trial and error”


I started making my first sculptures when I was 2 years old. I have to give a lot of thanks to my mother who made little animals and dinosaur sculptures from Play-doh. After I began to make sculptures from Sculpey Clay, selling them at art festivals. From there I began to really hone in on my talent and began making more detailed sculptures. At CCAD, my mentors taught me how to make realistic detailed sculptures.

I started out being interested in film and photography after being a part of the Governor's School for the Arts program. After visiting CCAD and seeing their program, I knew that was where I wanted to go for my education. At CCAD I have gained a lot of knowledge in not only camera equipment but also editing and the process from start to finish in film.