Thesis update

My current interviewees are at the moment:

  1. Robert Kurtzman

  2. Christina Himiob

  3. Adam Milicevic

  4. Michael O'Brien

  5. William Bryan

  6. Mark Bryan Wilson 

  7. Sean Elliot

  8. Richard McKinley 

  9. Bill Hargreaves

I am currently in the process of finding times to interview each of these individuals. I have my first meeting with Robert Kurtzman on the 23rd, this Thursday. I will be leaving at 10 in the morning with Kat to Crestline Ohio to Kurtzman's shop. I'm hoping that it will be an all day filming and interviewing day. I will be bringing my 6D, tripod, and several lights. I will be bringing a lot of questions as well for Kurtzman and his team, so I can get a lot of good feedback and footage for my thesis.