Makeup, Monsters, and Movies; an inside into Practical Effects

I have decided on my senior thesis title as Makeup, Monsters, and Movies: an inside into Practical Effects.

Iam currently in the midst of scheduling my last few interviews. I have gotten in touch with David Greathouse, and will be scheduling an interview with him hopefully in the next two weeks. I have begun to start editing my senior thesis. I hope to have a rough cut by the middle of April. Once a rough cut has been put together, I will be editing in the rest of my interviews. I am waiting to schedule interviews with Christina Himiob, and Adam Milicevic, and one to two more artists. 

Right now I have hit a few roadblocks. I am stuck with some bad audio tracks from my interview with Katrina Francis. Hopefully with the help of Annie Kuhn we will be able to clean up the audio. 

I am also in the process of emailing Unit 70, to finish my shooting there. I have gotten in touch with David Watkins, a graduate from CCAD. Hopefully he will be able to come down and help me film and do audio.