Capstone Thesis update

Most of my spring break consisted of me working on thesis. So far things have been going very well. In the last three weeks, i have gotten interview footage with Bill Hargreaves at Lexington Comic con. During Spring Break, On Sunday I headed down to Cincinnati for Horrorhound and got an interview with Michael McKay who played the Mummy in the Movie "The Monster Squad" as well as an artist that makes prosthetic teeth. On Tuesday I interviewed Kat Francis who worked for Robert Kurtzman, and worked for Union responsible for the prosthetic arm for the winter soldier. Wednesday I headed down to Unit 70 located by the airport and spent a little over three and a half hours there filming the studio and getting all my B-roll coverage. I have scheduled another time to go back there to interview some of the employees who work there. Right now I am currently scheduling a Skype interview with Christina Himiob and her boyfriend who are independent practice FX artists, as well as finding a time to interview Adam Milicevic who was on the show Face-Off season 8 and a returning contestant to season 11. As of now, I am in the process of organizing all of my footage and interviews. I talked with Kat and she directed me towards an artist named David House, someone who also was on the show Face-Off. I am still waiting to hear back from him. I plan on also interviewing a few students to get their thoughts. Finally I do have confirmed music for my soundtrack, all I need to do is to send my friend release forms for his music.