Thesis update

My interview with William Bryan is on Tuesday the 7th. 

I am currently in touch with Unit 70, a company that makes monsters and halloween props that are shipped all over the world. I am currently still in the middle of finding a few more people to interview.

Last weekend I did my first interview with a student who does prosthetic and makeup effects. My plans are this week to get more interview coverage of a few students who do makeup, as well to prepare for the upcoming weekend. 

This weekend i will be returning home for Lexington Comic Con, to interview several actors and people who have worked in the makeup industry. 

I look forward to this upcoming weekend and the fun and opportunities i will have. 

Thesis update

My current interviewees are at the moment:

  1. Robert Kurtzman

  2. Christina Himiob

  3. Adam Milicevic

  4. Michael O'Brien

  5. William Bryan

  6. Mark Bryan Wilson 

  7. Sean Elliot

  8. Richard McKinley 

  9. Bill Hargreaves

I am currently in the process of finding times to interview each of these individuals. I have my first meeting with Robert Kurtzman on the 23rd, this Thursday. I will be leaving at 10 in the morning with Kat to Crestline Ohio to Kurtzman's shop. I'm hoping that it will be an all day filming and interviewing day. I will be bringing my 6D, tripod, and several lights. I will be bringing a lot of questions as well for Kurtzman and his team, so I can get a lot of good feedback and footage for my thesis. 


Capstone Thesis Senior Film Project 2017

  1. Who or What? I will be Interviewing people in the practical and special effects industry while working on own personal creature(s) documenting work process and progress. I will be primarily focusing on the concept and construction of creatures, creating and sculpting prosthetics, masks and creatures, utilizing different assets and materials such as foam, resign, hard foam, latex, airbrushing, drybrushing, hand painting, working in Makeup and other paints. I will also be looking into the realm of the collaboration and incorporation of robotics into creatures, rod and reel, and many different ways and techniques used by companies like Stan Winston. I want to show the effect and difference between digital effects and traditional effects.

  2. Research: Looked into the companies Stan Winston Studio, Kurtzman creature Corp, and Kosarteffects that focus on all practical effects ranging from rod and reel to giant robotic creatures. Watching videos on makeup and prosthetic tutorials via youtube. I need to get in touch with people who have made creatures for props or for movies.

  3. What, Where, When and How? Set interview scheduling:

  4. Robert Kurtzman: February 23rd (time leaving 10:00 AM, All day interview)

  5. I have a Lexington Comic Con Media/and press pass

  6. Bill Hargreaves- IG-88 and Aliens (At Lexington Comic con in March)

  7. Planning a scheduled Skype interview with a previous Face-Off contestant.

  8. Technology: Filming equipment includes at the moment: Scarlet Red Camera, Canon 6D, will probably need some lighting equipment. For my crew, I am currently in the midst of finding people to help film and photograph my project. I have been slowly reaching out to several people but am waiting to hear back from them.

  9. Asthetic/Creative Approach: I want to push this project towards the usage of practical effects in movies.

  10. Reasoning/Goals: I have been a fan of monster effects and makeup in movies. Jurassic park has been my inspirations since I was very little. I have always preferred practical over digital effects. My goal of this thesis film is to show that there is still relevance to traditional effects in the film industry. This is aimed at people, who are interested in learning about the practical effects industry.  The social relevance of this film is to educate those on the differences between digital and practical and why we still need practical effects in movies.

  11.  Times and scheduling for Interviews: *Robert Kurtzman interview: February 23

  12. *Lexington Comic Con_ Media/and press pass: Interview Bill Hargreaves

  13. *Christina Himiob and her boyfriend Michael O’Brien current Alchemy Studios, former Optic Nerve interviews

  14. *Interviewing William Brian who worked on the first Ghostbusters movie

  15. *Waiting to hear back from Mark Bryan Wilson (first Ghostbusters Movie)

  16. Samuel Koh (freshman) has been added to roster for on set filming (Been given his class schedule)

  17. Lem, John Martino, and Luke all added onto the project to help score the film

  18.  I am currently still in the process of scheduling times for each interviewee, so what time during the day especially with time zones. I will have to find good timing with each person(s) finding times that work best with them.

I am very excited to start filming and look forward to everyone I will be working with.